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Residential Asphalt Services

Ismael's Construction is your source for Residential Asphalt contracting services

residential asphalt walkway
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  • CONCRETE DRIVEWAYS (Stamped, Colored, Exposed Aggregate, Broom Finish)
  • CONCRETE PATIOS (Stamped, Colored, Exposed Aggregate, Broom Finish)
  • WALKWAYS AND ENTRIES (Stamped, Colored, Exposed Aggregate, Broom Finish)

Personalized Service for Residential Asphalt and Concrete

We at Ismaels can take care of any situation you might have with your asphalt driveway or concrete driveway, walkway or patio. If you want your surface to last a long time it needs to be taken care of and we can do that.

Asphalt Repair and Protection

We do asphalt repair including asphalt crack repair, surface sealing to keep cracks from happening in the first place, and where needed complete rip and replace or resurfacing and asphalt paving over.

Concrete Repair and Protection

We also do concrete repairs including crack filling, crack sealing, and concrete surface sealing. You might also find that re-surfacing your concrete patio or driveway might bring it back to life. We can pour to fill existing cracks and provide an entirely new surface in brushed concrete, exposed aggregate, colored or stamped.

We Do All Kinds of Concrete Flatwork and Asphalt Paving

Depending on your use of the surface and the bedding on which the asphalt paving or concrete pouring is to be done, you may be able to get a solution that involves paving an asphalt surface thickness or concrete thickness that is less than you might think. Requirements vary based on load requirements and can vary between driveways, patios, curbing, sidewalks, and walkways. We are happy to take your calls, discuss your specific situation, and recommend a suitable asphalt paving or concrete pouring solution, including cost estimates. You just might find the cost of resurfacing your driveway or patio is less than you had expected. If you are not sure about whether to go with asphalt or concrete paving we can help you assess that as well. If you are in vicinity of Bellevue WA, Seattle WA, or Everett WA, give us a call today.