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  • CONCRETE DRIVEWAYS (Stamped, Colored, Exposed Aggregate, Broom Finish)
  • CONCRETE PATIOS (Stamped, Colored, Exposed Aggregate, Broom Finish)
  • WALKWAYS AND ENTRIES (Stamped, Colored, Exposed Aggregate, Broom Finish)

For all types of paving needs from an asphalt and concrete contractor, Seattle has depended upon Ismael's Inc, LLC for over ten years and counting. We are concrete and asphalt specialists, and we know what it takes to create a pavement that will look spectacular and last for years to come.

Seattle Concrete Contractors

In the Pacific Northwest region concrete and asphalt can be tricky business. Weather fluctuations and other environmental factors can cause a whole host of problems one might never expect elsewhere. That's why, when it comes to asphalt and concrete, Seattle residents need a company with the knowledge and experience it takes to do the job right; they need a company like Ismael's Construction, LLC. Take a look at some of our clients and what we have done as a concrete contractor - Seattle and other areas of Puget Sound.

Your hometown concrete contractors

At Ismael's, we know asphalt and we know concrete installation. Seattle area homeowners and businesses alike have depended on our expertise for over ten years. We pride ourselves on customer loyalty, and our record of customer satisfaction is simply unbeatable. Further, we understand that no two jobs are ever exactly alike, which is why we give you the one-on-one attention you deserve! Whether the project you have in mind is large or small, we'll work with you to find a solution to your particular paving needs. For instance, if you're undecided between asphalt or concrete, we'll assess your particular project and advise you as to the advantages and disadvantages of each as they relate to your situation. As an example, while concrete, for the most part, is not as durable as asphalt, it is definitely more versatile. To pour concrete, our weather conditions don't have to be perfect (as they seldom are). If you're looking for the project to be done in the winter when the weather is cold, calcium chloride (or non-calcium chloride, if mesh or rebar is used) can be added to the concrete mix, which will speed up set time and protect against freezing. Similarly, on excessively hot, dry days, retarder can be added to the mix to slow down set time and allow ample time to pour and finish the concrete. In addition, while asphalt will yield a plain, black surface, concrete can be decoratively modified with color or designs. For those hoping to give their home or business a look that is unique and different from other homes or businesses in our area, concrete is probably the way to go. No matter the weather, we are here to help you understand your needs and make sure that your Seattle Driveway project comes out perfect

A large variety of options from your choice in Seattle concrete driveway installers

The fact remains that whether you're looking for a classic black driveway, a decorative walkway, or anything in between, you need a company that has the skills and ability to do the job the right way, and provide you with a pavement that will look great and last for years to come. At Ismael's Construction LLC, our superb record stands as a testament to our expertise and experience. Call or email us at Ismael's Inc today to request your no cost quote for any concrete flat work including replacing your driveway. Seattle number one choice, call now! We have many satisfied clients, many have had us do their concrete driveways. Please ask for references, no matter which Contractor you choose.

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