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For all types of paving projects, large or small, concrete or asphalt, Seattle companies and homeowners can depend on Ismael's Construction, LLC to provide superior quality work performed in a safe and professional manner. We are Seattle's asphalt and concrete specialists, and have been serving the entire Puget Sound area for over 10 years. We're proud of the relationships we've built over the years with our customers, and our stellar reputation for high quality work.

Often times, people approach us, uncertain as to the exact nature of the project they are facing - should they repair their existing surface or have it replaced completely? Should they opt for concrete or asphalt? How do they determine what type of material or method is best for needs? At Ismael's our experts will assess your particular circumstances and provide professional advice and guidance as to the best way to approach your particular project.

For instance, when choosing between concrete or asphalt, Seattle companies and homeowners are often unclear as to the benefits/disadvantages of each. Asphalt is definitely more flexible than concrete. Because of the elastic nature of liquid asphalt, the material that is mixed with stone aggregate to form the substance used for paving, an asphalt pavement has a certain amount of give to it not found with concrete. This makes it more suitable for high traffic areas, such as roadways or driveways since it is less likely than concrete to crack or crumble under the weight of vehicles. In addition, given the climate in Seattle, asphalt paving is more resistant to damage caused by external conditions, such as excessive moisture, temperature fluctuations, and ice/snow. It is also less prone to damage from chemicals such as rock salt or ice melt. Generally speaking, asphalt is also cheaper than concrete and more convenient to use in that it sets faster since it hardens by cooling rather than drying. This means that, if a surface is paved with asphalt, Seattle companies and homeowners can look forward to using it much sooner than if it concrete had been poured.

On the other hand, though, asphalt is not as versatile as concrete with regard to aesthetics. Concrete can be molded and defined in a decorative manner so that an area paved with concrete can not only be functional but can also be decorative. Asphalt, however, is fairly standard in appearance, and not much can be done to dress it up. Asphalt can also be very temperamental when being poured, depending upon the area conditions. For instance, it is sensitive to air temperature and humidity, and for the ideal paving job, the external weather conditions have to be carefully monitored. Concrete is less sensitive to external conditions and, although it takes longer to set, may be more convenient to pour.

A local company built on blood, sweat and tears. We know what it takes to make and business grow and maintain it. That is why we are in awe of our customers and want to do nothing more than serve them better than anyone. Asphalt and seal coat are in our blood. Asphalt laying, overlaying, repair, and filling is our business. If you want hard work, quality results, fair prices and a solid supplier, we are your Seattle asphalt company. As we like to say seal coating and asphalt laying are more than a business, they're our livelyhood.

Whatever paving questions you have, the experts at Ismael's Construction are here to help! Check out our gallery including laying of asphalt - Seattle and Puget Sound. We also do asphalt in Everett and concrete in Everett.Call or email us for free estimate/bid on asphalt. We'll gladly guide you through the process, addressing whatever concerns you might have.

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