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Concrete Contractors - Everett


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  • CONCRETE DRIVEWAYS (Stamped, Colored, Exposed Aggregate, Broom Finish)
  • CONCRETE PATIOS (Stamped, Colored, Exposed Aggregate, Broom Finish)
  • WALKWAYS AND ENTRIES (Stamped, Colored, Exposed Aggregate, Broom Finish)

For all types of paving needs from an asphalt and concrete conctractor, Everett has depended upon Ismael's Inc, LLC for over ten years and counting. We are concrete and asphalt specialists, and we know what it takes to create a pavement that will look spectacular and last for years to come.

Everett Concrete Contractors

When it comes to paving and concrete, Everett's number one choice is Ismael's Construction, LLC. At Ismael's we specialize in all types of paving, but take particular pride in our expertise when it comes to concrete. Everett residents have relied on our concrete work for over ten years and we have an impeccable record of customer loyalty and satisfaction. Take a look at our gallery of jobs we have done as a concrete contractors - Everett and other areas of Puget Sound.

We are not your average Everett concrete contractors

Often times, other Everett concrete contracors use the term concrete and cement interchangeably. The fact is, they are not interchangeable and cement is only one of the ingredients of concrete. Concrete is actually a composite of sand and gravel, or other course aggregate, mixed with cement. Cement serves as the binding agent and water, when added, serves to activate the cement.

We understand the process that goes into making your Everett concrete Driveway

While the quality of the sand, aggregate, and cement used in concrete is, of course, very important, the process used to mix and cure the concrete is crucial as well. At Ismael's, not only do we use the best concrete mixture available for your project, but we also employ the most effective processes to ensure that your concrete pours and cures correctly.

Water is a key factor in creating a strong, long lasting concrete pavement, both in the mixing process and the drying process. Because of the weather and other environmental conditions in Everett, concrete must be mixed and poured correctly to last. The right amount of water must be used when mixing the concrete, taking into consideration a host of outside factors, such as air temperature, humidity, and location. Not only does the amount of water determine the consistency of the concrete when being poured, but it affects the ultimate strength of the concrete. As the water evaporates, the concrete dries and becomes hard. Timing is everything, though, and this drying process, called curing, must be carefully timed to occur gradually, or cracking and other issues may occur. The experts at Ismael's uses different, specialized techniques to make sure that the concrete dries at an appropriate rate, and the right moisture level is maintained during curing so as to maximize the strength and durability of the concrete. Although just about anyone can pour concrete, it takes experienced and knowledgeable professionals to do it right so that you'll have a pavement that will not only look great but stand the test of time and use.

Ismael's Construction LLC is happy to educate you on our expertise with both asphalt and concrete. Call or email us at Ismael's Inc today to request your no cost quote for any concrete flat work including replacing your concrete driveway. Everett number one choice, Ismael's. Call now! Remember, customer satisfaction is our number one goal, and we stand behind every job we perform! We have a long list of happy customers that have chosen us as concrete contractors. Everett client referals are available upon request.

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