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Whether laying concrete, asphalt, or another type of material, when it comes to paving, Everett residents know that experience counts. At Ismael's Construction, LLC, we've been serving the entire Puget Sound area for years, and we have the expertise and know-how you need, no matter what size your paving project.

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Of course, at Ismael's, we use only the highest quality materials, tailored to suit your particular needs. But having the right materials is only half the battle. In order for your project to be done right, good design is crucial. Other paving contractors may focus on the materials, but drop the ball when it comes to design. Still, the fact is, even with excellent materials, without professional design and execution, your paving project will not last. On the other hand, with expert design, your paving project can provide trouble-free service for up to 20 years! Our company recognizes this fact and our team of professionals will devote their time and effort to making sure your pavement or driveway is perfectly laid so as to provide maximum longevity and durability. For example, when it comes to asphalt paving, Everett faces particular challenges because of the climate and topography. Not only must the asphalt used be designed for the cold, damp weather so prevalent in the area, but it must be placed so as to avoid cracking, crumbling, and premature deterioration. The sub-base on which the asphalt is laid must be smooth, firm and even, free from any organic material, especially topsoil and clay. Unless the asphalt is being placed on top of an existing pavement, a properly compacted 6 to 8 inch layer of crushed stone (aggregate) should be placed on top of the sub-base. Again, this stone must be firm and even, following the contour of the project layout. Otherwise, even if the best asphalt mix is used and poured at the perfect temperature, the pavement will be subject to instability, cracking, and buckling.

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Whatever the type or scope of any project involving paving, Everett residents want it to look good. Still, while the pavement may look good on the surface, the composition is what really matters. For instance, with an asphalt pavement, while it may look great on the surface, the thickness and compaction define the quality of the pavement. For hot mix asphalt, it should have minimum compacted thickness of 2 inches. Hot mix asphalt is a mixture of crushed stone and a liquefied slurry of asphalt heated to over 300 degrees and poured before it cools and solidifies. As a general rule of thumb, the compacted thickness of hot mix asphalt should be at 3/4 the thickness of loose asphalt mix. Other contractors may try to skimp on the thickness, but this is only asking for trouble in the long run. The pavement will be less resistant to external factors such as heat and sun, rock salt, temperature changes, moisture, and traffic. This will lead to fatigue cracks and premature deterioration, costing you more money in the long run.

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At Ismael's Construction, we never cut corners, providing you with only the highest quality materials and most efficient, durable design. With over 10 years serving this area, we are proud of our reputation for quality, integrity, and professionalism. Call us today Call or email us for free consultation on paving - Everett, Seattle, Bellevue and Snohomish

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