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It's no secret that any paving projects can be a difficult and complicated task. It takes someone with experience, skill, and know-how to do the job right. That's why, for concrete and asphalt paving, Bellevue turns to Ismael's Construction, LLC. We've been in business for over 10 years, and have built a solid reputation for professionalism, expertise, and integrity, in the entire Puget Sound area, including Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond and surrounding areas. Paving is a specialized craft, affected by many conditions both internal and external. The quality of any paving job depends not only on the materials used but also on the design, construction, and workmanship. The professionals at Ismael's know how these factors interrelate and, using that knowledge, provide the highest quality, longest lasting construction possible.

Ismael's is a locally owned and operated paving Contractor that understand the business and the weather and how they work together

When it comes to paving, the Northwest can present some unique challenges. The weather conditions and other environmental factors have a direct impact on the way in which any paving project should be performed. Anticipated snow, ice and rainfall amounts all have an impact on the way any paving project is designed. For instance, because of the amount of precipitation seen by the Puget Sound area on a yearly basis, drainage pitch becomes crucial to the integrity of any pavement. It is essential to keep water away from any adjacent buildings and to keep it from seeping into the subgrade. With this in mind, pavements should have a slope from crown to edge of about 1/4 inch per foot, and an 18 inch fall is recommended for every 100 feet of pavement. When done correctly, there should be no water resting on the edge of the pavement or against any adjacent buildings. Further, when the correct composition of concrete or asphalt is used and poured correctly, there should be no water seepage penetrating the pavement or subgrade. This is especially important for asphalt because, if moisture leeches into the pavement, it can erode the bonding between the asphalt cement and the aggregate, causing the pavement to weaken and crumble in spots. In addition, if water gets into the pavement then freezes, the resulting expansion can cause cracks to form. With regard to water getting into the subgrade, the subsequent expansion and contraction of the underlying base will cause the pavement to become unstable and weaken its overall integrity.

The integrity, durability, and stability of your pavement is too important to trust to just anyone. When you turn to Ismael's you can feel confident that your project will be done right because we are absolute experts when it comes to pavingBusinesses and residents in Bellevue can call anytime for a free, no-obligation estimate for any paving project, large or small. No matter which paving contractor you choose, don't forget to ask for references. Call or email us for a free consultation on paving - Bellevue, Seattle, Tacoma, and Everett.

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